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Ulyanovsk (in 1648-1780 - Sinbirsk, in 1780-1924 - Simbirsk) is a city in the European part of Russia, the capital of the Ulyanovsk region, standing on Privolzhsky hill, on the banks of the Volga River (Kuybyshevsky water reservoir) and the Sviyaga River, 879 km southeast of Moscow.

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Ulyanovsk (till 1924 - Simbirsk) - is an administrative center of the Ulyanovsk region. It was founded in 1648 by military man Bogdan Khitrovo as one of the fortified points of defense line, known as the zasechnaya cherta, along the south-east border of Russia.

Ulyanovsk: Ulyanovsk, city and administrative centre of Ulyanovsk oblast (region), western Russia. It lies along the Volga River at its confluence with the Sviyaga. Founded in 1648, it was a key fortress on the Sinbirsk defensive line; in 1924 it was renamed after V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin), who was born there.

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Geography. Ulyanovsk Oblast has moderately continental, highly volatile climate. Temperature averages at +19 °C (66°F) in July, and −11 °C (12°F) in January. As weather systems move in and out of the area, average daily temperatures often change more than +25 °C (77°F) in the matter.

Culture life of Ulyanovsk - is a part of biography of whole Russia, its achievements in the fields of art, literature, philosophy. Among our countrymen are thousands of famous people: poets and writers, politicians and actors, sportsmen and art workers.