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Sunway Serene and Icon City: Iconic dwellings. Share this story. Whatsapp. Facebook. Twitter. The successful sales preview of Sunway Serene recently saw 60 per cent sales booking within the first month from the event. Sunway Serene’s lake view. Dedicated ramp into Icon City from the Federal Highway.

Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Tanacetum Species, Tansy, Golden Buttons, Bitter Button (Tanacetum vulgare) supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database.

Top Things to Do in Chiayi, Taiwan: See TripAdvisor's 1,546 traveller reviews and photos of 62 things to do when in Chiayi.

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The otherwise unexceptional town of BEIGANG (北港; běigǎng), a short bus ride northwest of Chiayi, is worth a visit for the Chaotian Temple, 178 Zhongshan Rd (朝天宮; cháotiāngōng), one of Taiwan’s most significant religious sites.Dating back to 1694 (it’s been expanded many times since then) to enshrine what many consider the country’s most powerful Mazu image, the temple.

-'A Tansy-'Beat seven eggs, yolks and whites separately; add a pint of cream, near the same of spinach-juice, and a little tansy-juice gained by pounding in a stone mortar; a quarter of a pound of Naples biscuit, sugar to taste, a glass of white wine, and some nutmeg.

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Tansy is an invasive weed native to Europe. The origin of its generic name is not clear. Clark speculates it is probably the Latin word athanasia which means undying, referring to its use as a medicinal herb or its long-lasting flowers (L.J. Clark, 1998, Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest).The specific name vulgare means common, and tansy is very common in Oregon.

Tai chi, sometimes written as t'ai chi, is a self-defense and calisthenics technique developed in China centuries ago as a maturation of several similar but separate exercises. The more formal.

Backed by the tantalizing peaks of Taiwan’s mighty central mountain ranges, CHIAYI (嘉義; jiāyì) is the gateway to the Alishan National Scenic Area and Yushan National Park, as well as one of the country’s most famous Mazu temples at Beigang.Just north of the Tropic of Cancer, it also marks the beginning of Taiwan’s tropical south and, as one of the island’s earliest cities.